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For example, I tend to avoid messaging guys where the majority of their photos are shirtless muscle shots – it’s just not my thing.

Are you on the fence about this person because their photos aren’t the greatest or because there is something in their profile that legitimately makes you uncomfortable?Yet another reason why profile photos alone don’t tell the whole story. Whether it’s someone’s intentional approach to healthy living or their love of the band Cut Copy, there needs to be something about their profile that speaks to you.If you’ve found someone online that you might be interested in, but you’re on the fence because of their photos, here are a few questions you need to ask yourself. On the other hand, maybe you don’t share any specific interests, but they just seem like a friendly, approachable person. Either way, keep in mind that, if you do meet up with this person, you’re going to have to sit across from each other and actually have a conversation.When you meet someone in person, there are a handful of non-visual cues that help you determine whether you’re attracted to them – eye-contact, timber of voice, smell, personality.However, when it comes to online dating, until you meet in person, all you have to go on is literally what’s on the page in front of you – and sometimes, it’s not much. So, when trying to determine whether you’re interested in dating someone, it’s easy to fall back on a person’s profile photos.

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