Wsus server not updating client status

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At the end of the wizard you can opt to begin the initial synchronization. After the servers are synchronized, go to Options then click Computers.Make sure you use group policy to assign computers to WSUS groups; only if you don’t want to assign them manually.I presume you already have your WSUS server up and running in the main site, if not follow this guide then come back here to continue.If you want everything to work smoothly the OU’s and the GPO’s need to be put in place.I forgot to tell at the beginning of the guide that there is another mode (beside replica mode) in which a WSUS server can run, Autonomousmode.Is similar to replica mode, but the WSUS servers can be configured individually.The main office WSUS server is running on Windows server 2012 and this is what I’m going to deploy on the branch offices to.

You might be tented to create a computer group, but if you right-click All Computers, the option is grayed out.

In case you want to use SSL, first you need to configure the upstream WSUS server for SSL, than come back here and continue the wizard by checking the Use SSL while synchronizing update information box.

If you don’t want your downstream replica servers to download updates from an upstream WSUS server, and download them from Microsoft, leave the first option enabled and just check the box This is a replica of the upstream server.

They are not inheriting settings and approved updates from an upstream server, they only download updates form it.

All you have to do now in order for the branch office clients to get updates, is to approve those updates. Again, this is controlled from the upstream server.

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In the bellow picture you can see the OU’s from my lab environment. I named them that way so you can make a better image of what’s going on.

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