Who is kat stacks dating

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Who is kat stacks dating

Q Lee O’denant claimed I couldn’t publish my own book I wrote and it had to be edited by Farrah Gray’s editor Rene, so I handed over my book I wrote while detained in Immigration Custody.

In 2013, I was released from Immigration custody with a Permanent Resident Green Card for being a victim of Underage Sex trafficking and Domestic Violence.

Sarah the manager was fired for not looking over the Misspellings and Grammar errors found in the new book.

Admire Andrea Surviving Savagery To Saving Lives was set to be for sale October 13 , 2013 as documented. Q Lee Odenat deleted my email [email protected] Star Hip , deleted my website Andrea Herrera, changed my Facebook password, blocked me and deleted my Instagram account “@Queen World Star” Q Lee Odenat stopped sending me ,500 monthly.

Finally found a publisher “No Face Publishing Company” and they published my book.

It took me 2 weeks to re-write it, change the chapter names, book cover and pictures.

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Dear Q I was with my boyfriend Q (Lee O’ Denat) CEO of empire World Star Hip for about 4 years since 2009.