Who is erin daniels dating is dating a different race in the bible

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Meanwhile, Dana receives devastating news that she has cancer which calls for surgery.Helena pursues the documentary film maker Dylan Moreland despite her claims that she's straight.“Erin lived two doors down on the same street, Jennifer didn’t live far away,” says Hailey.(She and her girlfriend in Los Angeles follow the “two-week rule,” going no longer than that without seeing each other.) “Kate’s the movie watcher, Mia’s the shopper, Jennifer is the one to get us out hiking in the wilderness. “I think what makes this show so special is that we are so close,” Hailey continues.lang’s former longtime girlfriend than as the fabulous comic actor she’s turned out to be.“It’s a little bit darker this season,” adds Daniels, whom we last saw passionately kissing Hailey (even though Dana and Alice are supposed to be platonic best friends), which makes us wonder just how far they’ll take their “friendship” this go-round.This season, though, Daniels believes the Dance will recede into ancient history—especially after viewers see her in flagrante delicto during some kinky-funny sex scenes she cannot yet reveal.“Let me just say that after some of those scenes, no one will even remember the Dana Dance,” she says. All I remember is that I saw the hmm-hmm-hmm…’ ” The L Word promises plenty of hmm-hmm-hmm during season 2, set to premiere on Sunday, February 20.

Which is why I think our friendship and our bond is so strong—no one’s ever bigger or higher.” During the second-season shoot, Moennig shared a beach house with Hailey, Kirshner, and their dogs.As the season wound down, the three observers took on increasingly dramatic and emotional story arcs of their own, and in season 2 they take things even further.“Their characters just demanded more screen time because they became more interesting,” says series creator Ilene Chaiken.“Bette and Tina were going through something sort of nasty at the end of last season [like, Bette totally betrayed Tina with another gal] and you’ll see how that plays out.You’ll see the spirally Jenny, of course—because that’s what Jenny does best.

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“But I can have the hair long, put on makeup, wear a dress, and do the exact opposite as well.” And don’t confuse Moennig’s own personality with that of Shane’s.