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(The PRF hints used to generate these keys are documented in the 802.1x standard.

The MPPE format is documented in RFC 2716.) The RADIUS server generates one MPPE key (the RECV key) for encryption and one (the SEND key) for signing.

If you install multiple VPN concentrators, you must deal with mobile stations that can’t reassociate with new access points as they move.

As you may recall from last month’s column, standard WEP uses a 40-bit or 104-bit shared encryption key and a 24-bit dynamic Initialization Vector (IV) to construct a 64-bit or 128-bit encryption key.

EAP-TLS uses the authentication portion of TLS to generate and exchange dynamic WEP keys.It then sends the MPPE keys to the access point inside a RADIUS Accept message. The access point generates two random WEP keys and encrypts and signs them using the MPPE keys it obtained from the RADIUS server.The access point then sends each encrypted WEP key to the wireless station inside individual EAPOL-Key messages.These two mechanisms, and nearly all others designed to protect wireless transactions, depend on setting up a secure tunnel using Secure Session Layer/Transport Layer Security (SSL/TLS).Using 802.1x requires support in the wireless firmware, as well as suitably configured drivers.

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TLS uses public-key certificates to identify computing entities, so EAP-TLS requires that the RADIUS server and each wireless station have a certificate.

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