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Web updating tool

Will Direct X 11 be available for Windows Vista or Windows XP?Direct X 11 is built into Windows 7, and it is available as an update for Windows Vista.The features and functionality in those new releases reflect customer requests, bug fixes, updates to support new browsers/operating systems, and more.Note that most new versions of Directory Update require a new license key.You can download a fully functional from the Product Downloads page of our Web site; the evaluation will be fully functional for 21 days with no limitations.We will not ask you for your e-mail address, telephone number, or first born; all you have to do is download the software.

Every feature since the very first version has been features that have been requested by our customers.Windows 8/7 includes all of the Direct X runtime components found in Windows Vista, and adds Direct3D 11, DXGI 1.1, 10Level9 feature levels, the WARP10 software device, Direct2D, Direct Write, and an update to Direct3D 10.1 to support 10Level9 and WARP10.Welcome to Even Balance, Inc., home of Punk Buster™, the original anti-cheat system.NOTE: This tool was designed to be very simple and easy to use.Just click on 'Begin Scan' to detect your hardware; Device Doctor queries our manufacturer driver database and immediately fetches the correct driver files for your computer.

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We like to think that the product is completely customer driven.

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