Validating username and password microsoft access

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Future enhancements will be including a database with usernames and passwords where we can add any number of users and respective passwords.

When installing Identity Finder Console, validation rules are executed to ensure the installation will succeed.

The form name and the solution name will be the same that the user types. Windows Form creates a work space by displaying an empty form.

Step 7By typing the correct username and password and clicking the LOGIN button, the picture box changes the default picture with a different picture and a message box is prompted telling about the code validation so that the user can start accessing the application further.

A typical computer user has passwords for many purposes: logging into accounts, retrieving e-mail, accessing applications, databases, networks, web sites, and even reading the morning newspaper online.

Despite the name, there is no need for passwords to be actual words; indeed passwords which are not actual words may be harder to guess, a desirable property.

It can be altered with the user photo to look more attractive whenever he/she logs into the application.

Step 2After completing Step 1, a new window opens up with templates for which the application can be chosen.

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The login form is developed using Visual C# and selecting the corresponding Windows Forms Application.

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