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Trekkie dating

When Leonard Nimoy appeared as Spock as grand marshal of the Medford Pear Blossom Festival parade in Oregon, he hoped to sign hundreds of autographs but thousands of people appeared; after being rescued by police "I made sure never to appear publicly again in Vulcan guise", the actor wrote.

The first fan convention devoted to the show occurred on 1 March 1969 at the Newark Public Library.

The embarrassed fans ask if, instead of the TV shows, they should focus on the Star Trek films instead.

The angry Shatner leaves but because of his contract must return, and tells the Trekkies that they saw a "recreation of the evil Captain Kirk from episode 27, 'The Enemy Within.'" The Saturday Night Live segment mentioned many such common stereotypes about Trekkies, including their willingness to buy any Star Trek-related merchandise, obsessive study of trivial details of the show, and inability to have conventional social interactions with others or distinguish between fantasy and reality.

I'm not a performer and frankly those conventions scare the hell out of me.In one skit, he played himself as a guest at a Star Trek convention, where the audience focuses on trivial information about the show and Shatner's personal life. "For crying out loud," Shatner continues, "it's just a TV show!" He asks one Trekkie whether he has "ever kissed a girl".Ford's domestic policy advisor, described Trekkies as "one of the most dedicated constituencies in the country".Since only about a dozen quarterbacks are selected during the typical draft, a 64-quarterback draft board transcends "thorough" and reaches "fetishistic." This is the stuff of Star Trek conventions. Shatner, why didn't the Enterprise use antimatter to destabilize the alien probe in the Tholian Web?

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