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Organizers say the “Great March of Return” is financed by small donations and governed by a central committee of about 27 seats populated by representatives from some 18 political and civil society groups — including the dominant West Bank political party Fatah, as well as Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad, both of which are recognized by the U. Some might find car bombs, suicide bombers, and rocket attacks “uncivil.” We can argue about whether Palestinians should be able to cross that border, but what do you think will happen if you try to cross an Israeli border?

That the armed border guards will just politely ask you to turn around?

reports that “in 2016, the last year for which tax filings were available, the group reported providing training to 2,135 data and digital strategists, 723 nonprofit leaders and community organizers, and 854 aspiring political leaders.” No, the bigger concern is that the Wellstone sons apparently wanted to focus on how progressives and Democrats can win back disaffected blue-collar whites, and the rest of the organization seemed to perceive that as a waste of time. Y’all know Hillary Clinton won the state by just 1.5 percent, right? I spoke about the techniques that were authorized by the Department of Justice. They were either silent or supportive.” You could argue the blatant unfairness of Americans demanding after the 9/11 attacks that the CIA stop the next attack by any means necessary, and then getting angry once the CIA used any means they deemed necessary.

(The irony is that Haspel isn’t “Trump’s gal”; she’s career CIA and highly regarded by just about everyone associated with the agency who is allowed to express their views publicly.) You could ask whether anyone in the U. Senate really wants to argue that Khalid Sheik Mohammad, mastermind of the 9/11 attacks with the blood of 2,977 innocent men, women, and children on his hands, is a victim of unjust American policies.

(KSM is eager to share his perspective on Gaspel with the committee.

Bad publicity and international condemnations for Israel?

Israeli leaders get denounced 20 times before breakfast.

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