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There are no tiers or leveling up in Deconstruction and it does not count towards your overall crafting level.You cannot fail a deconstruction, it's purpose is just to give you more materials from items you may find, that way you can craft more things! Below are some listed items available for deconstruction!** Annual Event Listing Dy'Kletiun has a few Annual Events that occur like clockwork, or near clockwork!If we ever have to postpone an event, we will let the community know!The Dy'Kletiun admin team goes through every request and looks for any core content about your group's activities and information.We look over journals for originality, as we will not affiliate to groups who steal formatting and journals from other groups.

This will speed up the time it takes for them to get through counts!The Baazar Credits [list those here] Items Breeding Items laksjfdlkjslkjdgkjslaksjfdlkjslkjdgkjslaksjfdlkjslkjdgkjs Activity Items laksjfdlkjslkjdgkjslaksjfdlkjslkjdgkjslaksjfdlkjslkjdgkjs Battle Items laksjfdlkjslkjdgkjslaksjfdlkjslkjdgkjslaksjfdlkjslkjdgkjs Import and Design Items laksjfdlkjslkjdgkjs Tiny Ship Model by Deconstruction Deconstruction is an account bound activity that allows you to breaks down items into the parts that makes them.Some items such as carcasses need to be broken down before they can be utilized properly.Darikey bleeds out into the edges of the universe, ripping through the fabric of time and space and creating a rift where the creatures from between can come forward, infecting and destroying.As powerful as Darikey is, he cannot fight this battle alone. Sending Genos and imports to the Legion When you send a geno or an import to the Legion, you are giving them up completely. In return, you can get a roll of the following items listed below.

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Progenitors can be used in many non combat activities, unless stated that they are allowed. Slot Prices: Tier 1 - $15 Tier 2 - $20Tier 3 - $30 Tier 4 - $40 Speciality Tier - $35 - $50 [See sale when available! Go to Darikey's Legion DARIKEY'S LEGION Sometimes you may have a geno that isn't selling, or that you don't want to sell or keep.