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Sister wife dating site

Nevertheless, the prospect of a fourth wife requires some adjustment for the three wives, who fear being replaced as companions, as well as for their children, who have grown up with three mothers their entire lives.

Robyn is moving into a new house about a half-mile from the Kody Brown home.

Robyn, who has three children under the age of 10, explains that although she grew up in a polygamist family, she has previously kept the lifestyle a secret until participating on Sister Wives.

During a later interview for the show, Kody reveals he chose the wedding dress himself, which prompts Christine to walk away mid-interview.

Consisting of nine episodes, the first season premiered with a one-hour debut on September 26, 2010, The one-hour premiere episode introduces viewers to Kody Brown, his three wives Meri, Janelle and Christine, and their twelve children.

They live in a ranch-style home that, although interconnected, is subdivided into three separate apartments that give each wife her own bedroom, kitchen and living space.

This episode focuses on Kody's dating of Robyn Sullivan, marking the first time he has courted a woman since his third marriage 16 years earlier.

Robyn lives five hours away from his home, so Kody must travel far and spend a great amount of time away from the rest of his family to date her.

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The episode also highlights the fact that Brown operates on a rotating schedule that dictates which wife he will spend the night with.