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Well, this kind of falls in my alley, being portuguese and such. Despite being a traditionally catholic country, the most part of the population declare themselves as non-praticant (they identify as Catholic, but don't necessarily practice it).

When it comes to sexual intercourse, Portugal is quite liberal.

Personal note: I went to a Catholic primary school (as in with nuns, but also regular teachers). He had a regular teacher and was taught about reproduction on 4th grade, while I only learned about it (if I remember correctly) in 5th grade, when I changed schools - but I think was due to the school itself.

But it also depends on each school - how they want to proceed, which type of activities they want to provide.

There are also free planned parenthood appointments in the local health centers, where they provide free condoms.

The information in the table below represents the living or current population of animals held at this facility.

If you’re having trouble finding a specific dolphin, check the tabs above, they may have moved or died.

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indicate either an estimated date or deceased individual.

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