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The curtain rises on the crusade of the members of the Shinsengumi, whose hearts burn as passionately as a the flames they fight…” 2015 Platform: Steam, PS Vita, i Phone, Android Type: Gx B, visual novel, voice acting Commercial "It was the 1st of August. Gameplay involves walking around, interacting with NPCs, solving some simple puzzles, and capturing cards via a variety of minigames.” 2018 Platform: Windows Type: Gx B, visual novel, patch, voice acting Free (Quin Rose is now defunct) “Alice is realistic; especially about love. In order to protect the city of Kyoto, they would rush to any place that needed them. ” 2017 Platform: Playstation 1 Type: RPG, puzzle, patch Commercial “This game retells the first season of the popular shoujo anime in adventure game form. It will be up to you and the friends you make to uncover the conspiracy that threatens the newly discovered world - and in the process, you may even find love." 2016 Platform: Windows, Steam Type: Gx B, visual novel, puzzle, incomplete Commercial with a demo “Clena, your average everyday girl, finds herself in front of a circus filled with lovely animals. Back at home, you rub the lamp, and you’re sucked in by force!

" 2009 Platform: Nintendo DS Type: RPG, voice acting Commercial “Annie was just a simple girl who lived in a town located within the mainland. The player gets to choose the boy’s classes, part time jobs and outfits, talk to him and send him adventuring. There’s just one problem; as you embark on a journey with the knights, you begin to develop feelings for one of your protectors...” 2017 Platform: i Phone, Android Type: Gx B, visual novel Free "Play as a demon lady who raises a cute little boy to be a king. Though Sona just wants to slack off, she’s soon visited by Yin Le Hao, her father’s musical protégé from China." 2017 Platform: Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Steam Type: Gx B, Gx G, visual novel Commercial with a demo "In this barren world of endless deserts, almost all live their lives upon large fractions of land floating above the surface. So she’s shocked, and a bit annoyed, when he leaves his orchestra to her after he dies.

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Together with friends and family, she’ll chase her parents’ last mystery across five continents, and choose a future for herself along the way.” 2013 Platform: Windows, Mac OS, Linux Type: Gx B, visual novel Free "It’s been years since rocker girl Sona Song last talked to her father, a famous classical music conductor.

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  1. "Thanks Gin," Nicole said, as she gave dad one final goodbye hug and kiss, smiled and added, "Please don’t forget to explain everything to Brent dear. I want him to fully understand everything we’ve decided to do and why." Dad smiled back and answered, "Don’t worry darling. Dad and I nodded our goodbyes to one another, and as he went out the door, I followed Ginny into the kitchen. Usually he always had cautioned me, "Behave yourself Ron. "Oh, Ronnie dear, why don’t you see who it is," Nicole smiled.