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People with intimidating eyes

Pretty much everyone will tell you eye contact is an important aspect of communication.

It makes you come across as more engaged, friendly, and confident.

It's the same as how someone who eats poorly usually can't just drop everything one day and switch to an ultra-healthy diet.

The points below will go into more detail about some sub-skills you can work on. When you're watching TV try to make eye contact with all the characters on the screen the way you'd focus on a conversational partner in real life.

When they speak to people they're generally looking in their direction and come across as attentive, but because they don't feel like they're constantly aware of looking other people directly in the eyes, they believe they're not doing enough.

All things being equal, making good eye contact is better than not doing it, but I'd hardly say it's a factor that will completely make or break your social success.

It can be tricky to make consistent eye contact with people when you're not used to it.

Below are some tips on how to learn to get more comfortable making eye contact with others: It's totally possible that if you're searching for help on how to make eye contact that you really do look away too much.Can be used in both 1-to-1’s and group conversations.This is best used in serious conversations, work meetings, entering a new environment, having more power over the person you’re addressing.Here’s they’re typical eye contact behavior: It says a lot about a person, and it advertises vulnerability. We’re going to cover numerous types of eye contact in this lesson, but there are two main rules you should always follow when it comes to making good eye contact.One of the best forms of alpha male eye contact when you’re looking to take control of a situation.

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Alpha Male Eye Contact is possibly one of the best tools to becoming a leader.