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Numbers speed dating wellington

The problem is, how do they know all of our questions? In fact, in some ways there's literally an infinite number of questions that we can ask about our city. So the paradigm isn't exactly working, and I think our policymakers realize that, because in 2012, Mayor Bloomberg signed into law what he called the most ambitious and comprehensive open data legislation in the country. In the last two years, the city has released 1,000 datasets on our open data portal, and it's pretty awesome. You can see that from about midnight to around in the morning, speed increases, and at that point, things turn around, and they get slower and slower and slower until about in the morning, when they end up at around 11 and a half miles per hour. If you're a transportation planner, this might be pretty interesting to know. This is a form you can find on the Taxi and Limousine Commission website. Every day it would search; if it found a PDF, it would download it and then it would run some PDF-scraping program, and out would come the text, and it would go on the Internet, and then people could make maps like that.

So you go and look at data like this, and instead of just counting the number of cabs, we can start to ask different questions. The average taxi is going 11 and a half miles per hour on our city streets, and it turns out it stays that way for the entire day. But if you want to get somewhere quickly, you now know to set your alarm for in the morning and you're all set. In order to access this data, you need to go get this form, fill it out, and they will notify you, and a guy named Chris Whong did exactly that. And this is exactly the kind of data we need for Vision Zero. And the fact that the data's here, the fact that we have access to it — Every accident, by the way, is a row in this table. The fact that we have access to that is great, but let's not release it in PDF form, because then we're having our citizens write PDF scrapers.

And that seemed a little strange to me when I noticed it, so I did a little digging and it turns out what you had is a hydrant and then something called a curb extension, which is like a seven-foot space to walk on, and then a parking spot.

The problem is, once you do, you will find that each agency codes their addresses differently.

So one is street name, intersection street, street, borough, address, building, building address.

So our legislators cannot analyze the budget that they are voting for.

And I think as a city we can do a little better than that as well. Number one: Never swim in anything that ends in "creek" or "canal." But number two: I also found the dirtiest waterway in New York City, by this measure, one measure.

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