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So, little by little, I started checking out the restaurants I wanted to try (confidently saying “I’ll sit at the bar, thanks” is life-changing), attending special events, walking in the local parks, reading outside, sipping coffee at Starbucks, and other things that got me outside my apartment. I not only got to really experience my new surroundings, but I also went from being lonely and bored to having a full schedule of things on the calendar.

Looking back, going out and experiencing things on your own is the biggest piece of advice I give to other transplants.

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And once I stopped comparing it to what I’ve known in the past, I started loving it for what it is.

Melinda is a nonprofit marketer and Texas newbie with a love of caffeine and social media.

I joined several groups that interested me, including a book club, an outdoor adventure crew, and a couple aimed specifically at young women new to the city.

I found the groups a little hard to navigate since you need to coordinate with a large number of people, but I did have success connecting personally with people within the groups.

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By hanging out only with people who had the same mindset I did and going to places that felt familiar to those in my hometown, I wasn’t fully able to grasp all the things my new city had to offer.