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Like a police chief on a drugs bust, she juggles the tools and spoils of her trade: a cup of tomato soup and a pair of size 10 Nike trainers.

"I've just confiscated them off Basil," she says after a warm hello and a nod.

The enormous technical and editorial challenge becomes deciding which scenes to go with, while also making sure the people in them are equipped with a radio microphone like Smith's (there are 24 clip-on microphones in total: Smith is one of four 'characters' to wear one constantly).

In short, the bleary-eyed team have effectively to direct what is happening as if this were a live show.

It's then the job of Tom Parr, who sits next to Hoffman, to control them.

With the dexterity of a Korean teenager on an arcade machine, he punches a camera number into a keypad and, using his other hand, manipulates a joystick to move it.

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But she's also a little nervous, and not just because we are being watched by several cameras that have been bolted to the walls for seven weeks now; she's also wary after agreeing to allow a journalist to watch the making of an Educating... "It's really hard holding a mirror up to yourself and having a really good look," she says.

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