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King chat webcam video free now cm

Description: SCP-2052 is a 12-centimeter square of silk cloth.Physical forces applied through SCP-2052 do not comply with Newton's third law of motion.Upon discovery of their anomalous content, Foundation agents attempted to delete all videos posted by user Discord_33, but found that they had already been deleted.[Wathers is seated at a desk in a residential garage; this setting has been used in 82 of his previous videos.CASIMIR-J87 successfully removed 2052-V-1 before any users viewed it.

Content is typically of a theoretical nature, and includes several lectures on engineering techniques which are known to the Foundation to produce anomalous effects.

The bottom half of the chamber is filled with an unidentified clear liquid.

A silk square is suspended from the sides of the chamber on a grate roughly level with the surface of the liquid.] - I've already done the tricky part, because you need to have a zero-point membrane that doesn't conduct electricity, but it turns out silk works pretty well for that.

- So I got a lot of questions on my last video about what kind of magnets I was using, and a lot of the usual ignorant comments about how I don't understand physics or thermodynamics or whatever, so let me just go through and, um, I guess address some of those issues. Collier] - So I was looking at Discord's last video. Yes, I know I've been harping on about that since forever, but I think you'll forgive me once I show you my results.

- [Irrelevant data omitted; subject responded to comments on previous videos. If I'm understanding the physics right, a discontinuity in the quantum vacuum would act as sort of a one-way street.

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So I'll go over the math in my next video if it works as well as I think, but for now it's easiest if I just show you my setup.