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And given the considerable amount of archaeological work going on in China and the exciting finds that have been made in recent years, there is hope of being able to fill in more gaps.

Inscriptions on other materials tell us little, since they are in general restricted to a few characters.

However, as noted in the previous criticism of scholars who see a connection between Easter Island symbols and those of the Indus Valley, it is methodologically unacceptable to advance as evidence miscellaneous instances of similarity among the necessarily limited number of scratchings that can be made using only two or three lines.

There is involved here is a sort of chauvinistic scholarship that seeks to prove an independent invention for Chinese writing by methodologically suspect means.

Thus the second most important group, those on bronze vessels, consist in part of so-called "clan-name" inscriptions.

These are pictographs often encased in a sort of rectangular cartouche that is reminiscent of those found in Egyptian hieroglyphic inscriptions containing the names of royal personages.

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They argue that while some simple aspects of culture, such as stone knives and drawings of familiar things, may have been independently invented by various peoples, more complicated ones like writing must have had a single origin.

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