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Igoogle rss feed not updating

Javascript and PHP also have single line commands for base64 encoding.

You can save the icon as a 16x16 PNG with alpha transparency, and then convert that into an XP-style 16x16 icon (using a program like Icon Workshop), and then base64-encode that.

As the toolbar evolves, more URL variables may be implemented.

In order to provide forward and backward compatibility with these new variables, the Put simply, it allows the author of an advanced custom button to safely use a new feature, and allow for backward compatibility with old parsers that do not know about the new feature.

Of the five ways to add a button, the first and last ways automatically know where the button updates should come from, and any tag that the user can easily change in the toolbar settings dialog box. Use the variable inside of any url template specification to insert the user's text.

This is useful, for example, in the case of a weather button to specify a zip code or a stock button to specifiy a ticker symbol. There is no validating or whitespace trimming of the input at this time, and the variable will escape whatever the user typed in using charset encoding (utf-8) and cgi parameter escaping, just as a text edit box on a form submit would.

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For example, pretend that the variable was just introduced. And if there is an unbalanced number of curly brace '' characters, or any other parse problem, the whole URL will just get reset to an empty string.

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