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The horizontal line rate was reduced to approximately 15,734 lines per second (3.579545×2/455 MHz = 9/572 MHz) from 15,750 lines per second, and the frame rate was reduced to 30/1.001 ≈ 29.970 frames per second (the horizontal line rate divided by 525 lines/frame) from 30 frames per second.

With the advent of digital television, analog broadcasts are being phased out.

After nearly 70 years, the majority of over-the-air NTSC transmissions in the United States ceased on January 1, 2010, After a pilot program in 2013, most full-power analog stations in Mexico left the air on ten dates in 2015, with some 500 low-power and repeater stations allowed to remain in analog until the end of 2016.

Digital broadcasting allows higher-resolution television, but digital standard definition television continues to use the frame rate and number of lines of resolution established by the analog NTSC standard.

NTSC color encoding is used with the System M television signal, which consists of ​ (approximately 29.97) interlaced frames of video per second.

Each frame is composed of two fields, each consisting of 262.5 scan lines, for a total of 525 scan lines. The remainder (the vertical blanking interval) allow for vertical synchronization and retrace.

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The compatible color standard retains full backward compatibility with existing black-and-white television sets.