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I say sometimes because this app doesn’t log you back into your original account, instead it logs you into a new account.

I’ve had this issue before when anti randomly logged me out and it took a couple days of having to spam the site and app password reset to log in to my actual account. I’ve been trying since Saturday to log back in, unsuccessfully. I just want to be able to log into my old account, with messages from friends and all the chats I was in. Also don’t bother messaging their Facebook for help, I’ve messaged twice now for help to resolve this and the message wasn’t even read. I gave up on the app within a day because it was clear to me that everyone who frequents the app is looking for a hookup or otherwise looking to get themselves off, and they are so thirsty, that drinking the Nile won't even help them.

The session allows the web server to know what requests are associated with each user.

Essentially, each user of the site gets something called a session.

Let's be honest together and discover new confessions! Contact the Founder of the app via this link:https://link?I'm editing to add - I was never banned from any communities on the app.I never broke any rules and never personally saw anyone get banned.Kik Kik is another social app for private group chats.You can choose to chat privately one-on-one or in a group Nimbuzz Nimbuzz allows you to chat with other people around the world through private message or through group Chaatz Chaatz is another private chat room app where you can join a group or create a group so that other users can join the group.

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