Fossil strata dating write to the person your dating

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Fossil strata dating

It is astounding that the evolutionists dare to trumpet the statement that the fossils in the rock strata prove that evolution has occurred over millions of years in the past—when the truth is that researchers have not found one evidence that any evolutionary changes in plants and animals has ever occurred! Far more will be found in our book, Fossils and Strata.In addition, another startling fact is that neither the rocks nor the sedimentary strata support the theory that long ages of time have existed on our planet! The evolutionists' problem is to explain away the fact that what we learn from the strata points to the Genesis Flood, and the fossils themselves clearly disprove species evolution. Fossil remains provide evolutionists with their only real evidence that evolution might have occurred in the distant past.This is a crucial question: Is enough fossil and strata evidence available to enable us to definitively arrive at answers? According to *Kier, there are over 100 million fossils housed in museums and other collections! A full 99.8 percent of the fossils are useless for dating, because they are in so many different strata. That may seem like going out on the limb quite a bit, but it does seem sort of scientific. Then it must be removed from the "index fossil" list, since index fossils are supposed to have died out at a certain ancient date. Although it is called "fossil evidence," circular reasoning is the basis of the evidence used to prove evolution to be true.Geologists have been digging them out of the ground since the early 19th century. To anyone familiar with the fact that radiodating dates are wildly inconsistent, it should come as no surprise that strata dates are not obtained by radiodating. Okay, everything is dated by a certain few fossils. How did the evolutionists decide what dates to apply to those index fossils? Many of the index fossils are trilobites, tiny ancient sea creatures, generally less than an inch in length.)—pp. Every thinking person knows that fossil evidence is supposed to be the primary basis for evolution.

Fossils are the remains of living creatures, both plants and animals.

Relative dating is used to arrange geological events, and the rocks they leave behind, in a sequence.

The method of reading the order is called stratigraphy (layers of rock are called strata).

Therefore, there ought to be thousands of transitional forms, halfway between the fish and what it evolved from. They are not dated by their mineral, metallic, or petroleum content.—p. The fittest survive because they are fittest or, to say it another way, the survivors survive because they survive; therefore they are the fittest.

For example, evolutionists teach that a land animal, such as a cow, went into the ocean and changed into a whale. We know that to be true because the various ancient dating methods (C14, radiodating, etc.) have severe inherent dating flaws. But all they do is survive; they do not evolve into something different!

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