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To read the Free/Busy information of other people, you need a contact record in your Contacts folder for the people whose free/busy information you want to view.

The contact needs to have the person's first and last name entered.

This is a global setting and applies to all contacts unless the contact contains a different Free/Busy URL.

In order to be able to publish your free/busy information, you need a default search location in the Search location.

Outlook supports %NAME% and %SERVER% substitutions. https://%SERVER%/freebusy/%NAME%Outlook will look for the free/busy for [email protected] // need to have read/write access to the free/busy location.

If you use an ftp server you can pass the credentials in the URL, using this format: ftp://username:[email protected]/directory/Free Busy/Tip: Enter your Free/Busy address on your own Contact and people you give the contact to will be able to see your Free/Busy.

If you want to share free/busy only with others on your same network, you only need a folder on the network with Read/Change permissions for Everyone, Authenticated users, or Anonymous.

Microsoft Outlook supports %NAME% and %SERVER% wildcards, which use the alias and domain name from an email address.

For example, when you use the URL In a SMTP address, Outlook replaces %NAME% with all the characters before the at (@) symbol and replaces %SERVER% with all the characters following the @ symbol.

You may also need to close and reopen Outlook for the free/busy URL to work.

Outlook uses one of three protocols and URL formats to publish and retrieve free/busy information: Search URLs use the exact path as the publishing URL, except it uses the %NAME% variable for the file name, as in this example: file://\server\Free Busy\%NAME%You can use any valid URL format for the search location, including: //, file://, or ftp://.

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