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Så fra gang til gang har retten flere eller færre ingredienser.

Mine anbefalte ingredienser finner du listet opp nedenfor.

You think fetishes are okay until you meet a man who is so obsessed with gummy smiles, he’ll pull your teeth off so you can suit his taste. High-rolling men reportedly pay up to 0 to ‘worship’ and even lick women’s feet.

Some people have simpler preferences, such as long hair or a perfect set of teeth.

Accused of 11 charges, including unlawful sexual connection and wounding with intent to injure, Hansen allegedly used pliers and screwdrivers to remove teeth from four women he has dated between 19.

In her opening address, prosecutor Sally Carter warned the jury about hearing evidence on Hansen’s fascination for or obsession with women who have no teeth.

If there is any takeaway from all this, it’s to choose the people you’re dating.Kun chilien har vist seg litt for mye for en og annen nordmann.Jeg har bevisst valgt chiliflak, da mengden er lettere å kontrollere enn mors guindillas (hele, tørkede chili).Her er frontene steile, og fordommene om motparten store!Konklusjonen er egentlig at begge deler går, selv om begge deler har sine ulemper.

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Linsene skal være såkalt “grønne” (egentlig lysebrune).

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