Dating your quilt

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Dating your quilt

Anyway, I will be doing this in Mississippi this week!

I did not mention that now I have my cousin staying at my house and I have to worry about cleaning before I leave.

I am hoping I can get my blog to allow me to show photos. Then shortly after that and the day after Easter I head to Wisconsin to a beautiful retreat center. I am hoping the class gets a few more girls as I get many requests in the midwest and east to teach story quilts more often in those areas. I will be bringing tiaras and fun things and quilts you can see up close.

It is so pretty there and I love taking photos of everywhere I go. Everyone is surprised at the embellishments and embroidery and details photos do not show.

Think of your life from gradeschool, college, to courting or dating, to marriage, to your favorite cats or dogs or horses, or collecting antiques or perhaps you love garage saleing etc.

We all have hundreds of stories and a quilt doesn't have to have every story. If you can't I bring a handout to read to prompt your memory and listening to other students helps too.

Quilters make the BEST friends as you well know and we want lonely people and people who need friends, a great hobby and a passion for colors, shapes and stories to come and join us!!

Come and join use for three FULL days to imagine, create and make unqiue quilts people will love to see! Nice classroom, nice people, nice owner, colorful fabric and lots of smiles and tips on techniques you probably have not tried!!Positive and wonderful women who gladly volunteer for everything that needs to get done.This is a rarity but they have such a nice friendship with one another and everyone realizes they need to spend some of their time perpetuating quilting which we all need to do.It is simply imagining who you are and putting it into a quilt.I have made a good number of these and I am blond and red headed and pink once.

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We all are different inside sometimes and imagine ourselves different than what others see.