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Posted by / 27-Mar-2017 10:01

Dating site for people already

It takes away some of the hard work of narrowing down the pool.

\ With 14 other successful partnership sites to its name, Saw You At Sinai was the ideal candidate.

“For many young people who are dating, the Israel question is a major issue that comes up,” reports Marc Rosenberg, Director of Pre-Aliyah Services at Nefesh B' Nefesh.

“They don't want to get too involved with someone who they find good looking, smart and funny but has never been to Israel and would never want to move there.

“Young people are choosing Israel for quality of life and professional opportunities and they don't want to put their personal life on hold for one or two or more years until they make Aliyah,” Rosenberg comments.

“We want people to be happy and successful when they make Aliyah.

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“But those open to relocation can really date people from anywhere.