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Ignoring the warnings of a fellow reporter sheltered with her in a safe zone, Lois ran to the soldier and dragged him to safety, but got shot in the process.

She says: "I remember when we were making it I thought it was going to be a flop. The flying I didn’t think would work either."Nothing prepares anyone for that sudden thing of being world famous, it was such a shock.

However, she died in the first issue leaving Lana Lang, who also gained powers, to take on the mantle of Superwoman.

Lois was a perpetual damsel in distress, and for vast swaths of her history she existed only to be captured and to then call out for Superman, who would swoop in to save her from certain different. Lois was in the sights of a sniper, and Superman arrived only after she’d been shot through the chest. Lois wasn’t lured into an obvious trap, nabbed while recklessly snooping around for a story that would land on the front page of the .

For seven decades, she’d survived all manner of death traps as gangsters, supervillains, and even alien invaders tried to do away with her.

An explosion and sniper fire rocked her unit, and after the initial attack waned, Lois noticed that one of the soldiers was still alive and needed assistance.

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