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Dating club2 tk

You don’t feel like a foreigner, instead that place actually became your home. And for working experience, it’s good, because you will learn more when you stay in the same workplace for more than 6 months, you can see your improvement, or you have time to become better and to learn more. Well, you have the disadvantages of knowing less people and less culture. For example, I went to Rio de Janeiro for a week, and I went to a tour inside the biggest slum in Rio de Janeiro, and I fell in love with the place. And to my surprised, they offered a voluntary work to work with children inside the slum, and I can actually live inside the slum. Basically I don’t even have to spend my salary on anything. I never saved any money in my life, when I was living in Malaysia I can`t even save RM50 per month, and I received around RM1500 from my parents every month.

I was dying to join the voluntary work, but I can`t. I don’t know where my money goes, but I never save any money.

When you are doing exchange program, especially when it comes to working and not studying, try not to stay in one place for more than 6 months. Because it is better for you to try something different, live in different cities, because for a country as big as Brazil, the differences between the states are huge. They are mostly up there, North-East of Brazil, which is like super far from the South of Brazil. From South of Brazil, it is way cheaper to travel to other countries, example Chile, Argentina, Uruguay etc. So, there are some advantages and disadvantages of living in the same place for more than 6months, which is what I did.Because you are here in a new country together to learn a new different culture, they know you are Asian, great. Guess what, not all Muslim are terrorist, most Asian people don’t eat dogs, cats, snakes, insects or human.They want to know how you speak in your native language, great, but at some point you have to know when to stop introducing and talking about your culture and start accepting the new culture. Almost all my Colombian friends, don’t even smoke weed or cigarettes, and apparently, Colombian people are so friendly and always make you feel safe to be with them, and it’s a beautiful beautiful beautiful country.Even if the organization is excellent and well known in YOUR country it doesn’t mean it is good in the HOST country.So, you need to contact anybody who went to an exchange in the same country as the one that you will be going.

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What I did once is, I just contacted one of the interns in FB, and said to him that `hey, I wanted to know you guys, im coming to the city to meet other interns, can you help me out? Don’t use your money to shop or to buy tons of sorvenirs. And don’t be scared to take a bus, a flight, a train by yourself.

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