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Expect her to slowly reveal more of her thoughts as she becomes closer to you.

Expect those thoughts to be different from the impression you originally had of her. It should be a lot like dating anyone else, only the revelations will come as she warms up to you, rather than all-at-once.

So, later on in the relationship, she might talk your ear off!

So, now you have a brief primer on how to date shy girls.

So, here is how to date shy girls While guys are expected to man up and lead the conversation with all girls, it becomes even more essential (and difficult) with shyer ones.

With outgoing girls, you get started and they typically follow along easily with little effort. Shy women will say less, so you’ll not only have to start the conversation, but also carry the full burden of keeping it going.

It takes you a REALLY long time to get comfortable with your partner…

They can be incredibly frustrating at times, especially for outgoing guys.

However, you shouldn’t shy away from these girls (pun intended) because some are cute and nice.

A new relationship is a super exciting time when you’re getting to know someone and really enjoying that nice honeymoon stage that is hard to find in a more long-term dating situation. Because if you’re a shy girl, like me, a new relationship is an exciting but nerve-wracking time when you’re trying to be really close with someone you still feel very awkward around. When your boyfriend/girlfriend isn’t around, you do whatever you can to avoid being near their parents. You very rarely speak up about how you feel or what you want. You take things pretty slow when it comes to hooking up.

I’ve written about my shy girl struggles before, and surprise surprise, they don’t just disappear when you start dating someone. And you get even more uncomfortable when you have to meet and be around their family. It’s not that you don’t like them, it’s just that they make you want to crawl out of your shaking skin and hide. You start using your partner as a crutch whenever you’re in social situations.

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To succeed, work on being a good conversationalist. The great thing about outgoing women is they’ll give you feedback, especially if they like you.