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For removing this must be the full filename (or an directory name (without an /) if an entire directory and its contents shall disapper).

An directory name ending with / is not processed, to prevent incomplete edits (filename replaced by -, but not added to directory) from killing entire directories (such as say all of /etc/ :-)) Full command (directory filename, with parameters) of an command to be run, after this config file has been newly installed or changed/updated, or before this config file is removed.

If this is set to - the line specifies an config file to be removed Full directory or full filename (directory filename) of where the file is to be placed on the target system.

If only an directory is given (any name that ends in /), then the above file-name (inclusive any directories in it) will be automatically added to it.

Get an list of config files from an configuration server.

For each file in the list retrieve that file from the same server, and only install it if it is new or changed relative to what is already here.

Depending on the list of actions present and their order (repeats are allowed) the file will be procesed.

include The following allows you to fetch all your config file lists from an HTTP Virtual Host called its subdirectory dphys-config.

The config files /etc/dphys-config (sitewide) and ~/.dphys-config (personal) allow the admin and users to set up the working environment for dphys-config.

These config files are sh script fragments full of assignments, which are sourced, in above row, later config files assignments overriding earlier ones. Assignments are: Sets the base directory in which all temporary files are stored.

It defaults to /var/tmp (for enough size and safe operation).

Some users may like to use /tmp for higher speed (tmpfs) or automatic deletion at boot time. Assignments are: combinations are added when wget-ing config files.

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This can also be multiple commands separated by ; separators.