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The detailed description of his killings brought Garavito to tears.For Colombia's Justice Department, Garavito's confession was not enough.

The bodies of the children were all found completely naked, and all bore bite marks and signs of anal penetration; bottles of lubricant were found near the bodies, along with empty liquor bottles. Beginning in 1992, boys between the ages of 6 through 16 began disappearing rapidly from the streets of Colombia.

Police speculated that Garavito had planned on killing the young boy if the bystander had not interceded.

After a short interrogation, detectives suspected Garavito of being the La Bestia, although Garavito had insisted on his innocence.

Garavito started working as soon as he left home, traveling a substantial amount to keep up with the job demands in Colombia.

Although he frequently moved, Garavito had a girlfriend.

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His victims, based on the locations of skeletons listed on maps that Garavito drew in prison, could exceed 300; Garavito continues to confess to more murders.