C gridview updating

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event is raised when a row's Update button is clicked, but before the Grid View control updates the row.

This enables you to provide an event-handling method that performs a custom routine, such as canceling the update operation, whenever this event occurs.

A common way to use these collections is to HTML-encode the values supplied by the user before they are stored in the data source.

control can display a user interface (UI) to enable users to edit the contents of individual rows.

You didn't ask this in your question, but you've written some smelly code here.

This method can be called only for the row that is currently in edit mode, or for a row that contains a two-way data-bound input control.Automatic two-way data binding allows your custom control to provide the editable and edited values, to and from the data store.This example shows how to edit and update records in a Grid View in ASP. This example is helpful in situations where an administrator needs to edit several records from the database. Text "', Product Description='" Product Description. Text "', Product Description='" Product Description. Line 64: //updating the record Line 65: Sql Command cmd = new Sql Command("Update Products set Product Name='" Product Name. Text "', Product Price='" Product Price "' where Product ID='" userid "'", conn); Line 66: cmd. Close(); Line 68: //Setting the Edit Index property to -1 to cancel the Edit mode in Gridview Sql Command cmd = new Sql Command("Update Products set Product Name='" Product Name.

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The code is simple and to the point to look for and translate the data into a readable product key: However, being that I had a little free time and really like this code, I wanted to enhance it to make it more robust by adding a few extra things here and there. As you can see, not only is the product key displayed, but the computername as well as the Operating System and version are also displayed as well.