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Are jasmine and junsu dating

Through the song, the singer hopes to let others in the same situation that they are not alone. I was lying to them and I just kindda felt hopeless, worthless. I was running out of excuses for my bruises on my body and cuts," she said.

Villegas said she has no plans to reveal the identity of the person who abused her. I hid it for a year and two months until it was over and when it was my last final goodbye to him that's when I told my parents about it. Her other ex-boyfriend, Justin Bieber, expressed his support for Villegas.

He would hit, choke, slap, punch, and suffocate her.

He would get mad about everything and start fights.

God has his path for everybody to make you stronger.

When the music video came out in July, Jasmine began talking about her past relationship.

Since then, Jasmine frequently speaks about the domestic violence she had to face in hopes of helping other girls that are struggling with the same thing.

Honestly, even though it was unfortunate, I'd rather it had happened to me than to somebody else," she added.

Turning 20 this December, Villegas is on top of her game.

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