Am older woman dating younger man from online dating sites

Posted by / 28-Jan-2017 09:21

Therefore, aside from a few exceptions, what an "older" lady offers to a younger man is "difference" with experience.

As a side note, I suspect that some parts of your profile may be attracting the MILF effers.

Some women are sick of being burned by attractive men cashing in on their looks, i'm not blaming them for their attitude. Unattractive men are less likely to be players, due to lack of practice :) But if you wish to catch the man approaching middle age looking for a fling, go where someone avoiding a midlife crisis goes.

A man by this age probably has his own house, which means he may entertain at home and its why you may not find him hanging out in bars to avoid his parents. go there.unfortunately, they may not have paid the mortgage yet, so may not be "well heeled and generous" as your profile asks of men. Doubt many young hot guys going to reply to your Q..

Most men want women younger than themselves and it is no kudos for them to be going about with an older woman and hearing derogatory comments about the cougar and the sugar mama. Yes, Hollywood does have a poor opinion of older ladies, hence why most leading ladies are not Helen Mirren (too bad, she looks great).

Since your profile is well written, I figured I'd mention that, in your profile, where it says "then 45", it should be "than 45". I'm not being facetious or sarcastic, I'm just pointing at commonly recognized facts.By age 40, he's likely gotten settled, and listened to a ton of women start off relationships with"what do you have to offer me, honey buns?"compare that demand to the younger lass, who's only looking to eat someplace classier than Mc Donald's, who makes less of a demand on his wallet?Even they worried about it, and I tried to tell them everything else they offered was perfectly fine, but they were upset they no longer were going to wear bikinis.Focusing on the entire package wasn't something they were old enough to do yes, I answered the question honestly and brutally.

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for me you have to do your market research - ie what do these young hot guys want in a woman?