Alvarez dating serial

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The authorities had gone through thousands of interviews, trying to ascertain a motive.There had been a flurry of interest in Harold Stemple, whose prison friends had ties to released criminals who could have been involved.

Nancy lives with her family in the Pacific Northwest. Though intact, all save for one were starred and cracked, possibly from the small piece of concrete at Liam's feet.

Five years on, Rory still has no idea who was behind the attacks.

Fearful she and her daughter remain targets, she’s made a new life far from Liam and the wealthy, powerful Bastians.

Flavel had been entirely cooperative, and though he and Liam's father had suffered a falling-out years earlier, they still considered each other a friend, and there was no serious animosity.

Flavel had moved on with his life and was having a romantic renaissance, of a sort.

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EVERY FAMILY HAS ITS SECRETS Rory Abernathy’s wedding to Liam Bastian turned into a bloodbath.