Aaron yan and puff kuo dating dating sites for meeting rich men

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Aaron yan and puff kuo dating

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The issue this time though did occur on Puff, considering she has just recently accepted to do an assignment for the Korean Show "We Just Got Married" (that if I may note: Gui Gui also did, and just happened both ladies both won best onscreen couple with Aaron Yan) ; I have a feeling he will make another name cameo for WJGM, but regardless Puff schedule is too packed to accept a new drama that requires shooting right after Deja Vu ends its season in a few weeks.

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On a personal note, I believe Tia's acting is matured to a point she can try a female lead role (she has acting in dramas like Summer's Desire, Miss Rose, Office Girls ect.) Whoever Aaron gets to work with I'd be willing to give a chance too, because his acting does seem to bring out the best in many actresses and he has a way of starting them off on their new paths.

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