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g_show Triggers: draws trigger entities (orange) and their targets (green). g_showviewpos g_skill g_skip FX g_skip Particles g_skip View Effects: skip damage and other view effects g_spectator Chat: let spectators talk to everyone during game g_stop Time g_TDMArrows: draw arrows over teammates in team deathmatch g_test Death g_test Health Vision g_test Model Animate: test model animation, 0 = cycle anime with origin reset 1 = cycle anim with fixed origin 2 = cycle anim with continuous origin 3 = frame by frame with continuous origin 4 = play anime once g_test Model Blend: number of frames to blend g_test Model Rotate: test model rotation speed g_test Particle: test particle visualation, set by the particle editor g_test Particle Name: name of the particle being tested by the particle editor g_test Post Process: name of material to draw over screen g_time Entities: when non-zero, shows entities whose think functions exceeded the # of milliseconds specified ===Dev Cheat List=== aas_goal Area aas_pull Player aas_random Pull Player aas_show Areas aas_show Fly Path aas_show Hide Area aas_show Path aas_show Push Into Area aas_show Wall Edges aas_test af_contact Friction Scale: scales the contact friction af_force Friction: force the given friction value af_highlight Body: name of the body to highlight af_highlight Constraint: name of the constraint to highlight af_joint Friction Scale: scales the joint friction af_max Angular Velocity: maximum angular velocity af_max Linear Velocity: maximum linear velocity af_show Active: show tree-like structures of articulated figures not at rest af_show Bodies: show bodies af_show Body Names: show body names af_show Constrained Bodies:show the two bodies contrained by the highlighted constraint af_show Constraint Names: show constraint names af_show Constraints: show constraints af_show Inertia: show the inertia tensor of each body af_show Limits: show joint limits af_show Mass: show the mass of each body af_show Primary Only: show primary constraints only af_show Timings: show articulated figure cpu usage af_show Total Mass: show the total mass of each articulated figure af_show Trees: show tree-like structures af_show Velocity: show the velocity of each body af_skip Friction: skip friction af_skip Limits: skip joint limits af_skip Self Collision: skip self collision detection af_test Solid: test for bodies initially stuck in solid af_time Scale: scales the time af_use Impulse Friction: use impulse based contact friction af_use Joint Impulse Friction: use impulse based joint friction af_use Linear Time: use linear time algorithm for tree-like structures af_use Symmetry: use constraint matrix symmetry ai_blocked Fail Safe: enable blocked fail safe handling ai_debug Move: draws movement information for monsters ai_debug Script: displays script calls for the specified monster entity number ai_debug Trajectory: draws trajectory tests for monsters ai_show Combat Nodes: draws attack cones for monsters ai_show Obstacle Avoidance:draws obstacle avoidance information for monsters. More »

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Peregrym has also guest starred in such TV shows as "Dark Angel," "The Chris Isaak Show," "Jake 2.0," "Tru Calling" and "Smallville." On the big screen, the up-and-coming actress is remembered for portraying Haley Graham, a rebellious 17-year-old and a retired gymnast forced to return to the regimented world of gymnastics after a run-in with the law, in the teen comedy "Stick It" (2006). More »

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